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Jazz guitarist and composer, William Mukuna lives in Hamilton, ON. With over 15 years of experience playing his instrument. To better the craft has always been his goal. William started studying the guitar at a very young age. Very soon he developed a passion for music and tried to imitate the sounds that he could pick up from every record and albums that were available to him. Listening to The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Franco Luambo Makiadi,Dr Nico and other bands, was the thing to do after school. On the weekends, William would go the musicians at church and asked them to show him how to play some of the African-rooted gospel songs from the services. As the years went by, William went on to study classical guitar privately and was introduced to notated music. Those new sounds were really attractive to his ears and the drive to learn more was even more present. After high school, William went on to major in Jazz guitar performance at Mohawk College in Hamilton,ON. This is where he benefited from the teachings of several well-known Canadian musicians such as Joey Goldstein, Bob Shields and Jonathan Earp for classical guitar. He studied composition with Mike Malone and Dave Mc Murdo, and also participated to the Eden Mills Writers Festival. Since then, he has never stopped looking for every possible opportunity to make the most of his musical knowledge through performances throughout the Greater Hamilton region. William featured on Jazz FM 91.1 on the Jazzology program hosted by Larry Green. He has also performed at The Brantford Jazz festival for the last two years. Living in Hamilton, William teaches privately and through studios around town. In 2010, William started working as an artist for Artsaround. This program brings music and drama in elementary schools through an organised curriculum which meets the Ontario ministry standards and specifics. He is also called to record and arrange songs. William usually performs with his trio and enjoys composing original music that reveals his african, classical and jazz influences. Whether you like jazz, latin, world music or classical music, the William Mukuna Trio has a lot of spices to offer to your ears. The guitarist also performs with various artists, and gospel groups.

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